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​This "one-stop shop" website is intended, among other things, to make the process of getting acquainted with our athletes more efficient for college football coaches. Access to player highlights is done by clicking the hyperlink attached to each picture. Request Player Information provides our guidance office with an email that allows us to quickly send to coaches the requested transcripts, contact information and additional player information to streamline the recruiting process.  

The West Catholic Football coaching staff is available to coaches throughout the process as we have shown with a history of hosting a wide variety of college football coaches from coaching staffs from around the country.  

You and your staff are always welcome at West Catholic. We are grateful for your interest in our players and for your support of our football program. 

       Nathaniel Mitchell Jr.
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            Aaron Hall Sr.
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          22 League Championships · 23 Playoff Appearances 
            9District Championships · 10 Regional Championships
    1979 Class B State Runner-Up · 2010 Division V State Champions
  2012 Division V State Runner-Up · 2013 Division V State Champions 
  2014 Division V State Champions - 2015 Division V State Champions
                            2016 Division V State Champions
   David Fox Sr.
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 Liam Putz Jr. 
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     The West Way

Joe Hyland
Head Football Coach 
Grand Rapids West Catholic HS 

   Brett Meyers Sr.
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 Gaetano Vallone Jr.
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​         Sam Neville Sr.
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   Chad Wildman Sr,
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    Josh Ball Jr.
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     Gabe Rohn Jr.
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   Alex Fortier Jr.
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   Domenic Stornant Jr.
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       Zack Lee Jr.
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        Matt Bilski Soph
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    Zaavon Scott Jr.
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Conner Bolthouse Jr.
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         Signing Day, 2017 Recruits
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All who wear them will receive great graces.
         Miraculous Medal ?!
     2016 Div. 5 State Champs
​    GVSU

Michigan's 2016 State Champions